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Capital market services
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Investment in state securities

Investment in state securities

As a Primary Dealer on the state securities market, Moldova-Agroindbank offers its customers access to the primary and secondary market of state securities. 
On the primary market, the bank facilitates the purchase of state securities through tenders for maturity terms of 91 days to 730 days, in line with the conditions of issuing state securities set by the Ministry of Finance. 

On the secondary market, customers may make the following securities transactions:

• buying /selling state securities;
• pledging state securities;
• transferring state securities to/from the account of a primary dealer and vice-versa;
• REPO and Reverse REPO agreements.

The schedule of tenders for the sale of state securities on the primary market, official press releases by the Ministry of Finance regarding the placement of state securities, evolution of interest rates on sate securities and outcomes of tenders for the sale of state securities are available at