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License for carrying out professional activities on the capital market

List of people holding a certificate of qualification issued by NCFM

Issue of municipal bonds:

Announcement on the initiation of the public offer of municipal bonds issued by the Chisinau City Hall 

The prospectus of the primary public offer of municipal bonds issued by the Chisinau City Hall

Presentation: Municipal bonds - a step for local development;

Application for subscription to bonds issued by the issuing authority (LPA) Chisinau City Hall;

Municipal Bond Investor’s Guide

Infographic: how we can invest in municipal bonds and support local development

Please, read this leaflet carefully before subscribing.

Information on the number of contracts concluded:

As for the 31.12.2023 situation
Nr. of contracts concluded during the reporting period - 47 contracts.
Nr. of contracts at the end of the reporting period - 125 contracts.
B.C. "MAIB" S.A. as an investment company, which carries out its activity under the license issued by the National Commission for Financial Markets and being a member of the Regulated Market of the Moldova Stock Exchange and of the Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) of the Moldova Stock Exchange, offers a wide range of services on the capital market under the most advantageous conditions.

Starting 19.02.2015, the investment company B.C. "MAIB" S.A. holds the status of member of the Investor Compensation Fund established and managed by the National Commission for Financial Markets to compensate, under the conditions of the Regulation on Investor Compensation Fund (approved through CNPF Decision no. 32/2 of 16.06. 2014), the individual clients of the members of the Fund in case of their inability to return the funds and financial instruments of the clients, sent to the members in the context of providing investment and related services.

Customer service address: mun. Chişinău, str. 31 august 1989, nr. 127, maib park, et. 7
Working hours: Monday-Friday, from 08:00 to 17:00, break 12:00 to 13:00.
Contact: +373 22 303-397+373 22 303-237, e-mail

Services provided:

Order execution services for financial instruments on behalf of clients represents the activity of sale-purchase of securities, carried out by the bank as an intermediary.

In the context of complex legislation in the field of capital market activity, BC "MAIB" S.A., holding the status of member of the Moldova Stock Exchange and participant of the Moldova Central Unique Depository of Securities and having a competent functional framework, proposes potential clients providing services for the execution of orders regarding financial instruments on behalf of clients in conditions of maximum confidentiality and professionalism.

BC "MAIB" S.A. Investment Company offers:

  • brokerage services for the sale and purchase of corporate securities;
  • public offering of securities services with the possibility of exercising the functions of settlement agent;
  • the administration of securities and funds intended for the investment in securities of the client, in case such services are provided in the Contract for the provision of investment services and activities (Intermediation contract);
  • information on the stock market situation. "

Investment consulting services

The investment consulting activity is the activity carried out by the bank regarding the personal recommendation given to a client in connection with one or more securities transactions.

Through this product, the bank's specialists, certified in the field of capital market activity, individually consult any client interested in realizing the most ambitious investment ideas. The main goal in providing investment consulting services is to present opportunities and offer optimal solutions to meet the needs and requirements of the client.

B.C. "MAIB" S.A. proposes:

  • advice on assessing and managing the risk of investing in securities;
  • recommendations regarding the formation of the securities portfolio;
  • presenting opinions and guidance in connection with the sale and purchase of securities;
  • capital market analysis.

For the attention of the relevant persons of B.C. "MAIB" S.A. Following the provisions of the legislation in force, the persons who fall under the incidence of art. 45 of Law no. 171 of 11.07.2012 regarding the capital market are obliged to inform the investment company about the intention to carry out a personal transaction. At the same time, an individual transaction can be performed by the relevant person only with the prior authorization of the investment company.

Useful information:

Information on the legal framework, capital market legislation and related legislation

Information on the Investor Compensation Fund

Information about client categories

Information on the risks associated with investing in financial instruments

Information on the protection of consumer rights

The National Commission for Financial Markets is the public authority, which in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 192/1998 regarding the National Commission for Financial Markets has as its basic objectives, including the protection of the consumers rights of financial services, within the limits established by the legislation.

Thus, any consumer of financial services can address the NCFM with complaints that can be submitted:

  • by e-mail (in compliance with the relevant regulations of the electronic form – with the application of the electronic signature) to the address;
  • via post offices: at the CNPF headquarters,
  • in the mailbox located at the entrance to the institution's premises (municipality of Chisinau, Ștefan cel Mare și Sfânt 77 boulevard).

The consumer's telephone number - 022 85 95 95. The rate to this call number will be considered a normal rate call according to the network and the type of subscription of the initiator.

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